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Kilns are top loading ovens capable of achieving elevated temperatures for sustained periods of time. They are distinguished from ANNEALING OVENS which are front loading and are designed strictly for the annealing/cooling process. Typical applications for kilns include kiln casting, slumping, fusing, billet casting or any process requiring temperatures up to 1700°f as well as the annealing/cooling processes. These units draw more current (amps) to provide sufficient watt loading for elevated temperatures. This also creates a very responsive and even kiln chamber. They can be built for annealing only to reduce the amperage demands of the kiln. The amperage rating is indicated with the suffix (anneal) or (casting) in the price list. kiln
annealing oven STANDARD ON EVERY OVEN:
Frames are 1”x2” tubing sheathed with 14 gauge sheet metal. Doors are 2”x2” angle iron with 12 gauge sheet metal. The legs are 1.5”x1.5” tubing on levelers. All surfaces are painted with high temp black enamel paint. Safety Switches, removable counterweights and a single door are standard. All Hinges are adjustable. Element connections are in the rear along with 1 K-type thermocouple strategically placed in the rear wall. The frame is designed to accept standard pallet jack.
Floor heating elements
fiber kiln
See the section on Annealing Ovens for a few words on refractories. As with our annealing ovens we make our Kilns with 3 wall styles. The first is the standard, 2.5” of 2300°f soft brick backed with 2” insulation board. An excellent low cost, efficient kiln. The 2nd style has a heavy duty wall, 4.5” of 2300°f backed with 2” of insulation board. This is an extremely efficient super durable kiln with a low skin temperature at high fire. Bricks are not mortared together adding to the insulating quality of the wall and making repair very easy. This is the model used by and recommended for schools and rental facilities. It is built for heavy use and can take more abuse than the standard model. The 3rd style is a 100% fiber lined kiln. The wall is 2”of 2300°f high density fiber insulation backed with 2”of insulation board. The result is a super efficient dramatically responsive kiln with a very cool skin at high fire. This is the model preferred by professional kiln workers. All Kilns come with a single lid/door to minimize the chance of metal falling into the kiln during the firing process. Multiple door lids can be supplied and stainless steel framing can be added. Pricing depends on kiln size.
100% fiber wall kiln
K1.2 color pick up box
Interior is 13.5”wide x 13.5”deep x 11”tall. Electrical requirements, 12 amps at 240volts.
Standard 2.5” brick wall--------------$1500

K11.4 cuft
Interior is 35.5”wide x 26.5”deep x 21”tall. Electrical: 240volts 24 amps (anneal) 48 amps (casting)
Standard 2.5” brick wall--------------$5,325
Heavy weight 4.5” brick wall-------$6,260
Ultra efficient 100% fiber------------$8,825

Interior is 40”wide x 27”deep x 27”tall. Electrical: 240volts 36 amps (anneal) 72 amps (casting)
Standard 2.5” brick wall--------------$6,350
Heavy weight 4.5” brick wall-------$7,500
Ultra efficient 100% fiber------------$10,800

K20.9 cuft
Interior is 53.5”wide x 26.5”deep x 25.5”tall. Electrical: 240volts 48 amps (anneal) 96 amps (casting)
Standard 2.5” brick wall--------------$7,250
Heavy weight 4.5” brick wall-------$8,580
Ultra efficient 100% fiber------------$12,540

K25.8 cuft
Interior is 45”wide x 31.5”deep x 31.5”tall. Electrical: 240 volts 60 amps (anneal) 120 amps (casting)
Standard 2.5” brick wall--------------$7,850
Heavy weight 4.5” brick wall-------$9,290
Ultra efficient 100% fiber------------$13,675

Monster bell kiln 12' long with 12 zone thermocouple monitoring, electric hoist, floor elements and air circulation system